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KTM - BIR Flights

Biratnagar is the capital of Province No. 1 of Nepal. The city is an industrial capital, popular for Jute mills. Biratnagar Jute mills is the first large scale industry of Nepal.

Buddha Air has daily flights from Biratnagar to Kathmandu and from Biratnagar to Tumlingtar. Biratnagar Airport also known as Gograha Airport is a domestic airport serving Biratnagar, Nepal. Buddha Air operates more than 3 flights daily to Kathmandu from Biratnagar. Similarly, it operates 3 flights weekly to Tumlingtar from Biratnagar. The duration of flights from Biratnagar to Kathmandu is 40 minutes long whereas Biratnagar to Tumlingtar is 20 minutes long.

Biratnagar is near to the border of India. You can easily visit Biratanagar from Jogbani, India as it is less than 10 kilometers. Driving through Koshi Highway, you can reach either Biratnagar or Jogbani within 30 minutes.

Biratnagar is the gateway to the beautiful Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve. The wildlife reserve is famous for birds and water buffaloes. There are around 500 species of birds and notorious buffalo species called "Arna".

Through Biratnagar, you can also go to other popular cities like Itahari, Dharan and Dhankuta. Dharan leads you to a small hill station called Bhedetaar. Bhedetaar is a popular destination for visitors because you can see spectacular views of Dharan city. Similarly, Char Kose Jhadi which lies between the way of Itahari and Dharan can be seen easily from here.

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Biratnagar - Tumlingtar

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You can easily book your flights online or simply call at Buddha Air's office at Biratnagar.

Tel: 021-526901, 021-530866
Fax: 021-530866
Email: [email protected]
Airport: 021-460478

Biratnagar Weather:
33° to 36° Celsius (Summer) / 8° to 26° Celsius (Winter)

Biratnagar Airport