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KTM - BDP Flights

Bhadrapur is a town and municipality in Jhapa District. It lies on the bank of the Mechi River, which separates the borders of Nepal and India.

Buddha Air operates daily and direct flights from Bhadrapur to Kathmandu. The flight duration is about 50 minutes. Chandragadi Airport is the domestic airport in Bhadrapur, Jhapa serving daily scheduled flights to Kathmandu.

There are many beautiful locations you can go to once you have landed at Bhadrapur. You can enjoy the spectacular views of Illam, Siliguri and Fikal which are a few miles away from Bhadrapur. Bhadrapur and Illam are also famous for their tea.

Moreover, as Darjeeling is close to the border it is easily accessible from Illam and Siliguri. To go to Darjeeling from Bhadrapur, you will need to go to Birtamod, then Illam, then to Fikal and finally you reach Darjeeling. Another alternative route is through Siliguri. You will need to go to Biratmod, then to Kakarbhitta, then to Siliguri and eventually reach Darjeeling.

The distances from both routes are around 100 km which usually takes about 4 hours drive.

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Bhadrapur - Kathmandu

You can easily book your flights online or simply call at Buddha Air's office at Bhadrapur.

Tel: 023-455218, 023-455219
Fax: 023-455218
Email: [email protected]
Airport 023-455180

Bhadrapur Weather:
33° to 35° Celsius (Summer) / 4° to 14° Celsius (Winter)

Bhadrapur Flights